“Oasis” In The Midst Of “7” Words#139

Sex: Where “Heart” and “Mind” often Disagrees.

Deepak Singh


About Deepak Singh

I’m a writer of non-fiction business books. My first book, Rise Today Lead Tomorrow, was published in 2016. Possess two decades of experience in International Sales, HR, and Trainings before transitioning into writing. My area of focus is in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, and human behavior. Apart from that, I’m passionate about all things related to personal growth and its cousin, self-discovery. You know what? These two are not a passing interest or flavor of the month, they’re way of life.
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6 Responses to “Oasis” In The Midst Of “7” Words#139

  1. Deepak Singh says:

    I’m so pleased to have you here!

  2. I love having you over, too… ha! Stop making me smile. My dogs are becoming suspicious. 😃

  3. Deepak Singh says:

    Hahaha…, I hope they are not wild enough. Have a nice day, Miss. 🙂

  4. foodinbooks says:

    That is such a true sentiment. The mind says one thing and the heart goes someplace else. Story of my life. A lovely post.

  5. Deepak Singh says:

    Applause for your courageous spirit and a hug! I don’t think, it was, hard to understand.:)

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