Ignite Your ‘Dust’ Into ‘Ashes’ #12

Space… Earth and, Space again…What connects the dots?

It’s a big picture. You come here, stay for some time and then you move on. Earth is like a refueling station. Here you (work, not only) and return the favor. And after you’ve given back enough, you’re on your journey again. It’s a good deal. Energy wise, it makes sense.

The real drama, though, is entirely crazy. As you kick through (one life-time) you make yourself into who you’ll be next? This craziness goes on. Eventually, you reach a tipping point, where you gonna have to face the fact – “outrun what you did?”

So, as you can see, downtime is unavoidable. And if, by miracle, you pass the big exam, it gets easier. No! There’s something else waiting.

 Deepak Singh


About Deepak Singh

I’m a writer of non-fiction business books. My first book, Rise Today Lead Tomorrow, was published in 2016. Possess two decades of experience in International Sales, HR, and Trainings before transitioning into writing. My area of focus is in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, and human behavior. Apart from that, I’m passionate about all things related to personal growth and its cousin, self-discovery. You know what? These two are not a passing interest or flavor of the month, they’re way of life.
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4 Responses to Ignite Your ‘Dust’ Into ‘Ashes’ #12

  1. Prachi Jain says:

    “Refueling Station” – great analogy!

    Are you planning to expand on this piece?

  2. Deepak Singh says:

    Thank you for the reflection, Prachi. This is complete. What is missing, if comes to light, I’ll let you know. Again, thanks for your wonderful comment.

  3. rabirius says:

    Either a line (how crooked it may be) or nothing at all, I’d say.

  4. Deepak Singh says:

    Yes, this is how the orchestra works. Every species play a different tune, but collectively they play the symphony that has a higher meaning. Thank you, Rabirius for the valuable input.

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