Ignite Your ‘Dust’ Into ‘Ashes’ #13

Humans are more concerned with – “Gains, than Cost!”

This is how we make progress? But what about the consequences – we’re not comfortable with.

Sooner or later, we all face truth. And that is: Gain vs. cost!

Cost makes us fall (suffer). Gains force us to reproduce.

How good does that feel?

It’s exhausting to the bone. Long story short? You come and go, Cost endures. This system of (balance-sheet) is, too strong. You can’t trick it. Their philosophy is straight – Anyhow, we’ll take.

In your life-time, you are opening a way for someone to come in (Reproduce). Over a period of time, others open a way for you to come back.  

More certain is this: You keep revisiting, unless you decide to give back in one go (Say, in two lives). 

The rub, however, is: if you try to return fast, you’ll have issues with health. If you give slowly it will stretch. The moment you decide to sacrifice (sex, not only), the system will communicate with cells, hormones, and neurons. Guess what? They are smart, alert, and well connected. Whatever trick you try, they’ll level with you. A rat race, if you will. 

Leaving mystery aside, that’s not such a bad state of affairs.

No, it is.

Deepak Singh

About Deepak Singh

I’m a writer of non-fiction business books. My first book, Rise Today Lead Tomorrow, was published in 2016. Possess two decades of experience in International Sales, HR, and Trainings before transitioning into writing. My area of focus is in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, and human behavior. Apart from that, I’m passionate about all things related to personal growth and its cousin, self-discovery. You know what? These two are not a passing interest or flavor of the month, they’re way of life.
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2 Responses to Ignite Your ‘Dust’ Into ‘Ashes’ #13

  1. rabirius says:

    Consequences are usually dealt with, when we get the bill…

  2. Deepak Singh says:

    Bills usually comes, when bucket is already leaking. Overall, you have a good suggestion. 🙂

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