“Ocean” Cracked, “Elixir” Freed # 27

What thinks like – “Non-sense” is, the “twist and turns of Universe.”

The influences are the same as it always was: ‘outside in’ and ‘inside out’.

Fact is, we are all on the same rock (a floating ball in the middle of space), with which to function. It’s our place in Universe. If something is happening to ball (outside in), it’s happening to us (inside out).

Not quite there yet?

Check this equation: Did you choose to do, whatever it is you’re doing?

Deepak Singh

About Deepak Singh

I’m a writer of non-fiction business books. My first book, Rise Today Lead Tomorrow, was published in 2016. Possess two decades of experience in International Sales, HR, and Trainings before transitioning into writing. My area of focus is in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, and human behavior. Apart from that, I’m passionate about all things related to personal growth and its cousin, self-discovery. You know what? These two are not a passing interest or flavor of the month, they’re way of life.
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15 Responses to “Ocean” Cracked, “Elixir” Freed # 27

  1. rabirius says:

    That might be true, at least in some cases.

  2. Deepak Singh says:

    Thank you, Rabirius for sharing your insight.

  3. etiliyle says:


  4. macalder02 says:

    The truth that now I will think if one says, it happened without meaning, if there is one. We owe it to the universe and its energy. I’m not a philosopher. I only think by common sense. Your blog is great It makes us reflect. Well, you.

  5. Deepak Singh says:

    We owe it to the universe and it’s energy. Well said and, very valuable insight.

  6. Avyukta says:

    My answer to that would be a yes. Knowingly, unknowingly, we think, we attract and thereby we choose. The larger question here, according to me, is, do we take responsibility for what we choose in life?

  7. Deepak Singh says:

    Yes, we are nervous at times, vulnerable, but again we must take the responsibility and again do it right. Thanks for the comment.

  8. Deepak Singh says:

    Yes, this is bigger. Intuitively, we feel it. But, can’t prove it.

  9. It’s sometimes hard to understand why we are having issues or problems, not to mention worse things.
    I can see my life as a chain of events now clearly from the distance of quite a few decades. Everything eventually falls in place and becomes clear.
    I do mostly what I have chosen. It’s not very beneficial financially, but I certainly satisfy the need for esthetic beauty and clarity. I hope I bring that to others also.
    People don’t like truth nowadays, or maybe they never liked it, yet, the Universe acts based on true matters regardless of whatever we pretend to be.
    I always enjoy reading your posts! I hope you’re staying safe and in good health!

  10. Deepak Singh says:

    Great courage is needed to do what you choose. What ever I choose it ends some how.

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