“Oasis” In The Midst Of “7” Words#137

Heavy “loads” open-up “Highways” for you.

Deepak Singh

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Ignite Your ‘Dust’ Into ‘Ashes’ #9


Today look so, so good

I’m there

Feel like the end game

The point of no return

I’m on my way

Will this change

Probably not

It’s too late

You and me are the same chemistry

I’m sure – there will be thrills, spills and, afterwards, belly-aches

All the same barriers of staying in here

And getting out from here

Or, there

Deepak Singh

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“Ocean” Cracked, “Elixir” Freed # 31

At the point of crisis – Master cell: “Keep himself in himself.”

In extremely dangerous situation, when life and death is on the line, mother cell takes over the control. At the edge of survival – when the end seems near (say: when you’re alone and, the supply is cut), the beauty of this cell turns the mind in its favor.

I can say it’s this way. I happened to be in this situation twice, where my very existence was in jeopardy. And yes, I felt the presence. I’ll not go in details, but still say surviving the tides was not tactical. It was less of a fear, more of a magical experience.

After the dust settled, I realized – “Live for today and enjoy every moment” is only one side of the coin. No species and I mean no species has a problem if Humans die. That is what is going to be. The real issue is that, we’ll die for the wrong reasons. Now is the point of crisis for the Earth. If you could plant a tree, or do something else for her, what a worthy final it will be.

Deepak Singh

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“Ocean” Cracked, “Elixir” Freed # 30

Meaning is a “space shuttle” for “Journey back”.

If comfort was the answer, then we’ve been gone a long, long time. But, we didn’t. Meaning was never built to feel calm. It’s built to practice – “out of time” experience. Once you get comfortable in your life, you lose track of this experience.

Now, this is important!

Why something happened (personal loss, illness, or any other challenge) is the first step towards finding a purpose. Get over it. Or, go “under – land”. What’s down there? It’s hard to imagine. Solitary adventures are never cool- should you want to.

But here’s the rub. The poet says: “Hi, boys. How’s your meaning working?” And the boys look at each other and say: “what the hell is he talking about?”

Deepak Singh

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Ignite Your ‘Dust’ Into ‘Ashes’ #8

“Sea” evaporates, “salt” endures.

Ordinary experience is – something like a voyage through crest and troughs of the ocean. And if, you are strong enough, will hold your life together during challenging times.

Serious spiritual experience, however, is different. It’s when there’s no sea left to continue the voyage. It’s when (short-term) highs and lows no longer exist. You’re standing on the sand. No matter what you do, the ‘Salt’ seems to have the last word.

Deepak Singh

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Ignite Your ‘Dust’ Into ‘Ashes’ #7

‘Dirt’ must shrink until there’s – nothing.

Road to the ‘state of unity’ was never short. Or, to put it more precisely: it takes generation of history to transport to that level of purity. No. More than that. You’ve to pass through the “public eye.” And yes, it’s usually not too fun.

Whatever happens on daily basis is examined by the ‘world’. Spirituality is about surviving, as much as it is about growing. If you hit a crime (say – polluting Air or Water), you’re limiting your chance of survival and growth.

Deepak Singh

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“Ocean” Cracked, “Elixir” Freed # 29

What is working: Small Supreme Atom!

Let me tell you a little secret: There’s one thing always present (anywhere you go) – God’s atom. The same atom that sparks the big bang, sparks the spiritual strength in us.

How do we get it: Tip towards Divine (slow-fix), not Dionysus (quick-fix). Though, we know, everything (good, bad and, ugly) origin and rest in that atom, Masters are often those—who choose the right thing in these very circumstances.

As with Universe, this particle may take many forms (religion, self-realization and so on). But, as you do the next thing and, the next thing after that, the absolute will find you.

Deepak Singh

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