“Ocean” Cracked, “Elixir” Freed # 27

What thinks like – “Non-sense” is, the “twist and turns of Universe.”

The influences are the same as it always was: ‘outside in’ and ‘inside out’.

Fact is, we are all on the same rock (a floating ball in the middle of space), with which to function. It’s our place in Universe. If something is happening to ball (outside in), it’s happening to us (inside out).

Not quite there yet?

Check this equation: Did you choose to do, whatever it is you’re doing?

Deepak Singh

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Turn On: The “Lights” Where It’s Not#1

What is “left” when – “why” is known?

Deepak Singh

There are certain things – that are “hard-to-tackle.” “The way we think about ourselves, the way we deal with the challenges, and the way we see our future.” And so, I decided to deal with…, because I’ve no idea… But now, I’m wondering, if there is something – one thing – you could share about this.


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“Ocean” Cracked, “Elixir” Freed # 22

When chains get stuck – “on the clock – on the hook,” you know a thing.

Funny thing: It is no myth.

On the outside, the batteries are low. On the inside, the flame is alive.

For somebody who is willingly going through something like that, it is relatively simple.

No. It’s not.

Only that, he knows on the flip side of this is – ‘everything’.

Deepak Singh


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Ignite Your ‘Dust’ Into ‘Ashes’ #1

Busy Thinking “Future.”

First, think of ‘dust’ and ‘ashes’. Why? Well, this is who we are and, what will become of us. True enough! Yet, we all want that ‘supremacy of God’ – the wider struggle yet to be won. But man, is this right?

Deepak Singh

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Ignite Your ‘Dust’ Into ‘Ashes’ #5

‘I’m nothing’ isn’t the end, ‘I’m not here’ is.

Deepak Singh

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Ignite Your ‘Dust’ Into ‘Ashes’ #14

Everyone breaks ‘X’; Some become wiser “ZZZ”.

Life seems to have one single (higher) purpose. And that is, to generate energy for (Earth, not only) in a limited time. In return, you get material and non-material things. As a bonus, of course, you gain – lessons. It’s part of our DNA.

Okay, let’s leave the poetry, and look at the math.

As long as you give something that, you’re little not ready to give, it’s ok. The moment you stop, the mechanism (balance-sheet) starts its work. Fairly soon, you’ll notice the difference. “All good?” become “Why me?”

Sorry? It’s isn’t the God. It’s the mechanism.

At times, obviously, big challenges (global) come. And we’ve to pay triple.

Make no mistake: meet it. Or, the next specie will.


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Ignite Your ‘Dust’ Into ‘Ashes’ #6

I’m willing, but the awful truth – the Nature – will take anyway.

Deepak Singh

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Ignite Your ‘Dust’ Into ‘Ashes’ #13

Humans are more concerned with – “Gains, than Cost!”

This is how we make progress? But what about the consequences – we’re not comfortable with.

Sooner or later, we all face truth. And that is: Gain vs. cost!

Cost makes us fall (suffer). Gains force us to reproduce.

How good does that feel?

It’s exhausting to the bone. Long story short? You come and go, Cost endures. This system of (balance-sheet) is, too strong. You can’t trick it. Their philosophy is straight – Anyhow, we’ll take.

In your life-time, you are opening a way for someone to come in (Reproduce). Over a period of time, others open a way for you to come back.  

More certain is this: You keep revisiting, unless you decide to give back in one go (Say, in two lives). 

The rub, however, is: if you try to return fast, you’ll have issues with health. If you give slowly it will stretch. The moment you decide to sacrifice (sex, not only), the system will communicate with cells, hormones, and neurons. Guess what? They are smart, alert, and well connected. Whatever trick you try, they’ll level with you. A rat race, if you will. 

Leaving mystery aside, that’s not such a bad state of affairs.

No, it is.

Deepak Singh

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“Oasis” In The Midst Of “7” Words#98

Half of who we are is, ‘invisible’.

Deepak Singh



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Ignite Your ‘Dust’ Into ‘Ashes’ #12

Space… Earth and, Space again…What connects the dots?

It’s a big picture. You come here, stay for some time and then you move on. Earth is like a refueling station. Here you (work, not only) and return the favor. And after you’ve given back enough, you’re on your journey again. It’s a good deal. Energy wise, it makes sense.

The real drama, though, is entirely crazy. As you kick through (one life-time) you make yourself into who you’ll be next? This craziness goes on. Eventually, you reach a tipping point, where you gonna have to face the fact – “outrun what you did?”

So, as you can see, downtime is unavoidable. And if, by miracle, you pass the big exam, it gets easier. No! There’s something else waiting.

 Deepak Singh


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